Monday, November 21, 2011

"America at Dusk" views

Foreign Policy magazine in a survey they titled America at Dusk, surveyed an international panel of writers about how the US is going wrong... they claim to have gotten an earful, but they never asked me (ha ha!).

I seriously don't like the idea, though, that my country is at dusk. I'm not a unwavering believer in American exceptionalism, but would like maintain the belief that the years ahead (perhaps for purely selfish reasons) will remain bright. But, I guess, when posed with the question, here are my thoughts...

The United States is... at the mercy of its political class. So frustrating.

Barack Obama is... emblematic of America's promise--why are some so willing to tear him apart just 'cause...?

U.S. foreign policy is... complicated....confused... contradictory... and all tied up in knots,  just like our domestic policy...hmmmmm.

The United States is unpopular around the world because...  everyone thinks we're too big for our britches and are more willing (less afraid) to call us on it.

In another piece, Mishall Al Gergawi comments on what ails US education-wise.  He blames our creation of a knowledge economy where companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook are unable hire (taking numbers and skill sets into consideration) the people who are being laid of by GM, Ford and other manufacturers.  I wonder if any of them (Google. Apple, Amazon, Facebook, GM or Ford) are looking to hire a bunch of PhDs like me. Or will my best career options lead me "back to farming" too?

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