Friday, February 3, 2012

Fingers Crossed: An Opportunity for Reform

I just wanted to post a link to this NYTimes editorial supporting the higher education proposals that Obama made during the State of the Union.  I think it's a vital discussion to have that could potentially benefit students, institutions, and the country. I can only imagine that while many parents and students are hopeful, many State legislators university faculty, administrators and presidents are being overcome by a wave of anxiety. Still it's an opportunity.

The editors state:
Determining what amounts to good value will be difficult, and persuading Congress to move forward on any of these ideas will be hard. But Mr. Obama is right that the federal government should begin leveraging its sizable investment in higher education for reform. He has set the stage for a long overdue discussion about what ails higher education and what might be done about it.
This discussion is indeed long overdue.   Cost is an issue, but we have to talk primarily about the societal expectations and roles for higher education in the near and long term.  Even if it costs less, if the quality, relevance and accountability are not there--it's a waste of money.

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